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Chairman’s Profile

The chairman of the company is Mr. Khawaja Khalid Manzoor. He has been knocking the market doors for around more than 40 years until now. He started as a craftsman in one of the workshops in Jeddah and with his astonishing struggle and effort, he managed to register his own company in 2002. He has an aura to convince market leaders through his visionary thought portfolio, confidence and the major aspect of his profile i.e. his experience in selling to one of the major wholesale markets in all of Arab i.e. Souq al Yamama, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.


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New Collection

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Chairman’s Message

Ahlan Wa Sehlan, Merhaba

Praise be to Allah, Lord of all creation. I praise and thank Him for His blessings and pray that they continue, Allah willing. Dear readers, it’s an immense pleasure to be communicating with our current and prospective customers. From childhood my life has been a struggle. At the times, when I was to play with toys, I was given the task to earn a livelihood for my family by my father. In those days I saw how my family was happy when I gave them what I was earning. From then on I knew that there was no going back. So I started saving and established my own company by the common name of my father `Almanzoor`. I have always treated the ‘Almanzoor’ as part of my family because of the benefits I have gained through this plus the value of its name in my observation. As a consequence of all of this, we at ‘Almanzoor’ have never compromised in the quality and purity of our products. Therefore, I call upon all of our potential and current customers to pay heed to our quality and select us as their number one supplier of precious jewellery.

Saudi Arabia

King Khalid Street, Al Kandhara- Jeddah, Kingom of Saudi Arabia.

Al Manzoor Jewelers

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